The Big Alum Lake Association is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization of nearly 175 member families, whose purpose is to oversee the well-being of Big Alum Lake and the surrounding watershed.  Our goal is to maintain the health and beauty of Big Alum Lake for all human and wildlife residents. 

B.A.L.A. was established to perform the following services:
* maintain a healthy lake eco-system through regular lake/
   watershed testing and monitoring
* educate residents about lake ecology and threats to water quality
* encourage a sense of community for lake residents
* promote public safety and safeguard the pond’s wildlife and environment
* monitor dam functionality and water levels as approved by the Town of Sturbridge

We invite you to tour this site for information about activities on the lake.

Check out the 2016 Calendar of Events!   See more on our Events page.

For important information on lake matters, please read the Minutes of the July 2, 2016 BALA meeting.

Big Alum Lake Association's 2017 Meetings will be held on July 1 and August 19.

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In Memoriam
      It is with much sadness that we report the passing of Dr. Victor Hill, long time summer resident.  He will be missed by his neighbors on Lake Road and by his many Big Alum friends.  Funeral services will be held this Saturday, August 13th 12 PM at the All Saints Episcopal Church in North Adams MA.

Also, we mourn the loss of John Outland of Paradise Lane who passed away this summer, and we extend our deepest sympathies to his family.

On August 18th Big Alum lost another of its former neighbors, Mary Ellen Tucker, who lived for many years on The Trail.  Our sincere sympathies go out to her family.

A New BALA Program:  Get To Know Your Neighbors      

     Your association, in an effort to unify our lake neighbors, would like to suggest the following new program idea on a trial basis this summer.  We call it "Get to know your neighbors."  Here's how it works:  
     If you don't have a boat but would like to tour the lake, make (buy, get) yourself a nautical flag like the one shown above.  Readily available, but even easier to make, the blue flag with a white diagonal stripe is the nautical flag symbolizing "guest" or "friendship."
     Hang your flag near your waterfront and any passerby in a boat (pontoon or other) will know that you are available and would like to join them for a cruise around the lake.  Captains, if you see a flag flying, and you have the time and desire for some company, feel free to stop by and offer your neighbor a ride.  If you fly your flag and get passed by, please understand that not all captains may have the time or desire at that moment to pick up a rider.
     Hopefully all will enjoy and meet some new friends.
    ~ BALA Executive Committee  (June 2016)


Photo of the lake in 1890

We invite you to visit our  History Pages!

The story of Big Alum Lake is a blend of history and legend but, most of all, it is the story of people - Native Americans, historical figures, and generations of families who have settled its shores. In our History pages, we share the writings of historians Samuel Flagg Bemis and Louis E. Roy, accounts of the Fiskdale trolley system, and the link between Big Alum's dam and the Fiskdale mills.  In addition we tell the story of Reverend John Eliot, his "praying Indian" communities, and his 1000-acre parcel at Pookookapog Pond.  Interspersed among these stories are the memoirs of residents, past and present.  Enjoy!

Take a look at our Scrapbook page, where residents have posted photos of family gatherings, wildlife sightings, and other lakeside "events." We invite you to join in the fun by e-mailing pictures, with or without captions, to Barb LaRochelle at  Then visit our link to see what has been happening on Big Alum!

Barb Hitchcock shared this wonderful picture of a rainbow "touching" the lake - July 22, 2016.


Check our Classifieds Page for
Lost and Found items.

Recently Lost:  A large, black, plastic dock wheel which may be floating just below the surface of the water.

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Boating Safety Courses

Sturbridge Lakes Advisory Committee (SLAC) will be hosting two Boating Safety Courses thiss spring.  Keep in mind that even though this course is not yet mandatory in the state of Massachusetts, it could be very soon.  The course is free to attendees but limited to the first 40 people who sign up on the State's web site.  It fills up fast so register early.
When:  May 7  (FULL) and June 4, 2016
Where:  Camp Frank A. Day on South Pond in East Brookfield
Morning snack provided but lunch is on your own.  You may Google:  MA State Boating Safety Course, or follow the link below:


We are offering shirts, hats tote bags, sweatshirts and pants for sale featuring our Big Alum logo.

All items come in a variety of colors and sizes. Please click on our STORE  link for more information or click below to go directly to our new shopping site where you can purchase items on your own.  
When ordering, please place the logo code AB-54108 in the "comments box" located at the very end of the checkout screen.

Help us keep Big Alum clean and weed-free.  We have posted information about phosphorus-free fertilizers and other environmentally-friendly lawn and garden care. Click here or go to the end of our Ecology Page for a link to Tips for Lake-Friendly Lawns.  

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Lake photo by Lisa Dalberth

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