The goal of the Boating Committee is to ensure the safety of the operators of all types of water craft on Big Alum Lake.  The Committee is responsible for disseminating information regarding Massachusetts Division of Fishing and Boating regulations, local boating recommendations, and BALA's own "code for happy lake living."

Below is a letter from the Boating Committee concerning the condition of the Boat Ramp on Clark Road.  Further down the page are links to the BALA Boating Rules and to the State's Boating Handbook.  Please address any comments to the BALA Boating Committee:  Matt Kibbe 413-575-5760 and Chuck Roy 970-485-1579.

Notice to all Lake Residents regarding the Boat Ramp:

The boat ramp has experienced some erosion problems over the years, much of which is caused by "Power Loading" boats onto trailers.  This is a process by which you drive the boat onto the trailer by gunning it rather than using the winch to pull it on.  The prop wash from power loading has caused some erosion beyond the cement pads in the water which shows up as large holes into which your trailer wheels might fall.  If this happens, you have the possibility of bottoming out the trailer frame and getting stuck on the ramp.

This is less of a problem in the spring when the water is high, but much more of a problem in the fall when the water level is down.  The state Division of Fishing and Boating is aware of this problem and Big Alum is on their list for inspection and possible repairs, but this process like any government process will take some time to implement.  In the meantime, I would suggest that you use caution when loading or unloading your boat and please do not power load.

Power loading is actually against the law in MA and one other thing to keep in mind, the public ramp was originally designed for a maximum boat length of 12 or 14 feet, significantly less than what it is currently used for.  Please try to remember this when using the ramp.  Your diligence is appreciated and will be worth it in the end.

Thank you.
Boating Committee

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