In the best interest of safe boating and pleasure for all, the following rules  and guidelines have been approved by the Big Alum Lake Association (2016):

1. Overnight camping on the island is NOT permitted without permission of the Lake Association.
(Call Matt Kibbe 508-347-2032, Rick Predella 508-864-0690, or Joel Casaubon 508-347-3644.)
2.  Do NOT swim beyond 100 ft. from shore without a support boat or visible buoy.
3.  Respect others.  Watercraft should operate at idle speed before 9:00 AM.  No wake only.
4.  Do not clean fish at the boat ramp.  Please do that at home.
5.  Do NOT litter.  Put trash, including bottles and cans, in litter bags for proper disposal.
6.  Give right of way to canoes, sailboats, and rowboats.

7.  All boats traveling in excess of 15 mph should stay at least 150 ft. from shore whenever possible.  Curtail your speed when the lake is crowded.
8.  Keep to the right when passing oncoming traffic.
9.  Motorboats and jet skis in excess of 15 mph should circle the lake in a counter-clockwise direction at all times.  This applies to everyone.
     * Tubers and jet skiers should conduct all unpredictable, high-risk activities near the center of the lake.

     * Use common sense at all times.  Don't operate recklessly.
     * Curtail high-risk activities when the lake is crowded.
     * Jet skiers, water skiers, and tubers MUST wear life jackets.
10. Don't overload your boat with passengers and gear.  Know its capacity.  Bow riding with feet over the bow is dangerous.  Don't invite an accident.
11. No skiing or boat-pulled tubing between the island and the north shore.  This is a "No Wake" zone.
12. Powerboats should NOT drive between private rafts and the shoreline.
13. Yellow buoys mark navigation hazards!  Please do not tie up to them or disturb them.

14.  Jet Ski Rules (specific to Jet Skis)
     It is illegal in Massachusetts to:
     * Operate a jet ski without a life jacket
     * Operate jet skis after sunset
     * Operate a jet ski under the age of 16 years old
     * Tow anything - i.e. skier, tuber, etc.
     * Jump the wake of another vessel
     * Follow within 150 ft. of another vessel
     * Cross unreasonably close to another vessel
     * Chase or harass wildlife
     * Operate as to endanger life, limb, or property of others
     Keep within designated manufacturer's passenger limitations.

State Law Requirements

15. All water skiers, jet skiers and tubers must wear Coast Guard Approved life preserver.
16. No waterskiing, jet skiing, or tubing after sunset.
17. Boats towing water skiers or tubers must have an observer or spotter on board.
18. All boats must show proper lighting after sundown - NO EXCEPTIONS.
19. Skin divers and snorkelers must have a visible tube with a flag attached.
20. Mufflers on boats may not be modified in a manner that will increase the noise level of the vehicle (332CMR, Pg. 624.118).
21. Floats and rafts must be within 50 feet of the shore and must have reflectors.
22. Maximum day speed is 45 mph.  Night boating speed is limited to 6 mph.
23. Anyone 12 years or younger must wear a life jacket.  Everyone must wear a life jacket while in canoes, sailboats, or during cold weather months.
24. Equip your boat properly; there must be a life preserver for each passenger, fire extinguisher, bilge pump, paddle, etc.

Massachusetts Boating Laws -

Please address boating complaints and comments to the BALA Boating Committee:
Matt Kibbe 508-347-2032, Rick Predella 508-864-0690, or Joel Casaubon 508-347-3644.
Please notify the Sturbridge Police Dept., 508-347-2525, immediately if the violation observed is severe or flagrant in manner.