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The Mission of the Environmental Committee is mirrored in the Goals of the Big Alum Lake Association:
*  maintaining a healthy lake eco-system through regular lake/watershed testing and monitoring
*  educating residents about lake ecology and threats to water quality
*  promoting public safety and safeguarding the pond's wildlife and environment
*  encouraging a sense of community for lake residents
*  maintaining and operating the dam and controling the water level of Big Alum Lake as directed by the Town of Sturbridge


The initial cost to the Association for the 2009 Spring/Summer contract with Lycott Environmental was $4,850.00.  In a survey conducted on June 26, 2009, Lycott found on much of the eastern and northern shorelines a moderate growth of Starwort (non-invasive).  If left untreated this weed can become invasive.  Lycott says that the Starwort could have been introduced by ducks or geese, but the weather may have influenced the growth as well.

Lycott also found a greater than usual growth of clouds of Filamentous algae.  Lee Lyman proposes that the shoreline beginning at the launch ramp and continuing along the whole eastern shoreline and north cove area into the northwest cove be treated for both Starwort and Filamentous algae.  This is a considerably larger area than we have treated in the past.  Due to this increase in treatment area, the Spring/Summer 2009 contract will be $6,500.00, an increase of $1,650.00.  this figure also includes treatments, pre and post treatment surveys, year-end report and management plan for 2010.  With approval from the membership, these areas are scheduled to be addressed on July 14.


On June 8th at the Sturbridge Annual Town Meeting it was voted to create the Sturbridge Lakes Advisory Committee (SLAC).  This committee will be made up of two representatives from each of the five Lake Associations (Big Alum, Cedar Lake, South Pond, Walker Pond, and Leadmine Pond), one representative from Brimfield Dam, one from the Board of Selectmen, and one from the Conservation Commission.  This advisory committee will be focusing on such issues as the quality of the lakes, area watershed, and lake safety.

Below are a few links to valuable information on how lake residents can become educated about preserving the water quality of Big Alum now and for gererations to come!

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Tammy Chase, Big Alum Environmental Chairperson

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