The Friend of Big Alum award was established in 2003 at the suggestion of then-president, Tom Liro.  It is given each year to a person who has worked for the betterment of the lake and its residents.  Past recipents have held association offices, served on committees, and supported the association's efforts in the public arena.  Below is a list of Big Alum's "friends" since 2003:

2003 Norma DiGregorio Norma was our BALA Treasurer for more than twenty-five years
2004 Senator Steven Brewer Sen. Brewer has been a strong supporter of BALA's environmental efforts
2005 Martha Fearing For more than twenty years Martha has been involved in the Lake Association, serving asVice President and President, and currently as Member at Large and chair of the History Committee
2006 Scott Sanderson Scott was a member of the Environmental and Boating committees for several years
2007 Kenneth Gajewski Ken has been our Dam Committee chairman for more than twenty years
2008 Tammy Chase Tammy served as our Environmental Committee chairperson and SLAC representative
2009 Patricia Howard Pat was our BALA Corresponding Secretary from 1995 until 2015
2010 Barbara LaRochelle Barbara has been the Secretary/Clerk of the Big Alum Lake Association since 1985.  She also designs and maintains the BALA Web site, and has been on the History Committee since 2006.  
2011 Janet Garon Janet was President of the Association for six years, and has served as Treasurer since 2011 as well.
2015 Tim Gresenz Tim served as Membership Chairman from 2003 until 2015