The History of Big Alum Lake

Chapter 16

A Short History of the Pookookapog Lake Protective and Improvement Association
by John Puffer

"In the month of August 1921 at the informal gathering of about twelve of the cottages on the west shore of Pookookapog Lake it was thought best to form an association for the general betterment of conditions at the lake and a committee composed of ................"

So begins the minutes of the first meeting of the Pookookapog Lake Protective and Improvement Association.  This association brought together the residents of the west side of the lake to address common interests and issues.  From its beginnings, the association elected officers, collected dues, conducted business relating to the west side of the lake, and without fail, have held an annual meeting for all member residents.  It is amazing that subsequent meetings of the association were also recorded, and their volumes safe guarded up to the present day.  Scanning through these minutes gives the reader an in-depth view of the activities and comradery of the residents through almost 100 years.


In addition to the annual meeting minutes, several other documents have been retained which provide an excellent outline of some of the major events of the lake in general.  Discussions about bringing electricity to the residents, the progression of the water rights and dam maintenance, clean up after the 1938 hurricane, and the sewer project all give a perspective on the history we share.


We are fortunate to have some photos of the annual meetings, primarily of those held in the 1950s.  For many years, the gatherings were actually called "clambakes" since that was the usual fare.  In addition to the feast, there were sport activities, singing, and of course the business meeting portion.  Treasurer's reports at each meeting give a perspective on the cost of the annual meetings and the expenses relating to primarily road maintenance and rubbish disposal.

The Association is committed to maintaining this tradition and serving all residents by being good stewards of the lake for future generations.

Clambakes and Picnics

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