The History of Big Alum Lake

Chapter 6

Jan Temple Metoxen's Memories

At the north end of the lake there were a lot of kids: Grans, Huses, Speeds, Clarks, Temples, Carlsons, Holts, Lantaignes and Eisolds.

Some favorite memories from the 50's:

July 4th---Carol Eisold and Jannie Temple built a log float and burned a small bonfire in the middle of the cove each year for several years.

Weekly----On Fridays a van came around (the bread truck) and sold bread, pastries and candy! We all waited for Friday!
We slept out on the docks (sometimes in tents). The Carlson girls (Denise and Leslie) and Jannie Temple did this almost every week. The stars were fabulous; don't remember bugs, and if we were lucky our pillows didn't fall in the lake.

On Fridays, the Carlsons and Temples (and assorted others) would hike to behind Lyman's and climb the mountain. Then we would climb down to Brookfield Road, walk to Fiskdale, have a lemon coke at Blackington's, and then begin the long hike up Arnold Road. If we timed it right we could catch a ride with our Dads (Lee Carlson or Norm Temple). We'd be tired, but what a great (free) day. And our parents didn't worry about us.

1949 - 1952

When we were very little, Mom used to tie a rope on a little red dingy and we would row out on our own as far as we could before she pulled us in. This is before kids wore life jackets. We were always in either a rowboat or canoe at a very young age.

I remember rowing to the island to pick blueberries and huckleberries. There were lots on the mountain too, but we ate those instead of bringing them home. I have a strong memory of the summer all of the fish died, but don't remember when (50's). They drained the lake down so far that we walked on the bottom of parts of the north cove and found treasures: nets, fishing poles, a motor, glasses, entire trees and a sunken old wood boat.

Learning to Ski: Lee Carlson was wonderful! No one knew what they were doing, so every night after work he drove and drove and drove the boat. We got some advice from Rob Richie and Lee Lyman, but at ages 8 - 11, we just kept trying. I'll never forget getting up!

1960 - 1965
Ski Club: My dad and Lee Carlson drove us all weekend so we could practice. The girls weren't allowed to use the ski jump, so we did ballet. Ski Club included hours of pyramid practice (Marcy Edwards and I were always on top!) Alex Wall and I competed in the New England Regionals mixed doubles. Hours and hours my dad drove an old wooden Chris Craft for us to practice. Poor Alex used brute strength to lift me up. Our success was all due to his amazing strength.

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