The History of Big Alum Lake

Chapter 7

The Cottages of Pookookapog Lake

The gate pictured above was the original entrance to the west side of the lake across Samuel Flagg Bemis' grandfather's land.  Later the road, now known as The Trail, was built and it also had a gate.  A certain Miss Keogh owned the property from Clarke Road to the dam, including The Trail, as well as the land where the current Draper Woods is located.  During the 1940's she lived on Brookfield Road and had several cottages on Big Alum.  The picture to the left depicts the "road to Alum" along the Keogh property.

To view larger pictures and to read about each of the cottages, please click the images below:

Silks' Cottage

The Rocks

Silver Ball

Log Cabin

Daisy Cottage

Ivy Green

Union Cottage

Kimball Cottage

Shoreline Cottage

East Cottage

Pookookapog Cottage #3

Fearing Cottage

We would like to thank John Puffer for contributing photographs and stories about several of the cottages pictured here.  We also want to thank Michael Jacques of West Warren for sharing his pictures with us. Many are taken from old postcards which are part of his family's collection.  Mike's father lived in Fiskdale for many years, and Mike still fishes on Big Alum whenever he can.  

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