The History of Big Alum Lake

Chapter 7

Log Cabin

Louis E. Roy, MD wrote:  "The first recorded camping expedition at Alum Pond is the following in the words of A. H. Faxon: ‘I recall how five of us tramped over from Spencer on the 2nd of July, 1890, to see Alum Pond. The day was hot and dusty and after our thirteen mile walk we were glad to sit down and eat our dinners. The first thing I did was to strip off and plunge into the cool, clear, water. We were a little disappointed in the size of Alum, and it had only one island. However, we decided to camp there, and selected the east side as the best place to pitch our tents.’

The five mentioned above were Allan H. Faxon, Charles E. Dunton, Lewis W. Dunton, Milleris W. Prouty and LeRoy Ames, all young adults at the time. Photographs were taken on the occasion.

The first permanent camp built at Big Alum was the Log Cabin “Camp Dan” started in 1890 by the five named persons in the original camping expedition, with the addition of Henry B. Montague and Lynus Bacon. Mr. Faxon and Mr Montague were later to be prominent in the community life of Southbridge. Mr. Ames was a professor at Clark University. The Dunton brothers, Mr. Prouty and Mr. Bacon were business men in Spencer and Boston. The cabin was built with logs made from pine trees cut from the west shore of the lake by a Mr. Adams. They were hauled by sled to his water-powered sawmill a short distance away on Brookfield Road on the other side of Mt. Dan. The construction was of squared logs and boards, and consisted of two rooms-one upstairs and one down.”

Please read Allan Faxon's account of his early visits to Lake Pookookapog in Chapter 11 of our History.

The Cottages