May, 2018

Dear BALA Member,

Welcome to Big Alum Lake and the lake association. Summer is rapidly approaching and it is time to renew your BALA membership for the 2018 season. This year's membership fee is $25.00. You can visit the BALA website at to keep abreast of the many BALA sponsored happenings on the lake throughout the year and to learn about the history of our lake. There is also a classified section featuring items for sale and lake rentals available. The Recreation committee chaired by Mari Roy has many activities planned for the upcoming season and year and we ask that you contribute to support these activities as well as help us to maintain the water quality of the lake. Big Alum continues to be one of the cleanest, clearest lakes in the Northeast according to those who treat it. We want to keep it that way!

Many of you have helped us to stay in touch with the BALA community by e-mailing us with news about your neighbors that you thought the lake community should know about. Keep up the good work by contacting your representative listed below. We appreciate your help and hope to see you on the lake at one of the many activities planned for the year.

Your membership committee...

Jill Roy - 188 Lake Rd. - Chair

Robin Richey - 50 Mt. Dan Rd.

Barbara Hitchcock - 102 Paradise Lane

Tom Clark - 148 Lake Rd

Mari Roy - 222 Roy Rd.

Dave Bellerose - 266 Big Alum Rd.

Laura Eliason - 4 Lakewood Tr.

Mary Kibbe - 324 The Trail

Current BALA Members (Membership is based on current dues having been paid.)

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