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Big Alum Lake Association Meeting
June 27, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM.

The minutes of the August 2014 meeting which had been posted on the BALA web site and which were available at the meeting were accepted.

Committee Reports

Dam Committee - Joel reported that the Association is working with the Town of Sturbridge for an earlier opening of the dam in the fall. The Association hopes to open the dam on October 15 and draw the water down 36' to facilitate any work that residents want to do on their walls.

Boating and Island - Matt Kibbe noted that the buoys are in, marking any rocks under the water. Matt reported that the Boating Rules booklets need to be restocked at the boat ramp, and he asked that people who rent their properties provide their renters with copies as well.
A tree has fallen on the island. Campers are planning to stay on the island during the July 4th weekend. They are very respectful of the island and have asked if it will be all right to remove the tree.

Communications -Joel said that Pat Howard will be stepping down as Corresponding Secretary and that Marlie Willer will be taking her place. Barbara will set up an e-mail address at for Marlie and by the August meeting the change will be in effect.

Environmental - Bruce Gran reported that the lake will be treated for weeds on July 8. Orange signs will be posted around the lake giving water-use restrictions. Aquatic Control Technology, which has taken over for Lycott Environmental, surveyed the lake about six weeks ago and will treat about 20 acres. Joel noted that Big Alum will receive $1,250 from the Town to help with the cost of treatments.

Fishing - Rob Scoble reported that the lake has been stocked two times this summer.

History - Joel said that John Puffer is working on the history of the lake. He asked that anyone who has pictures to share should contact John.

Membership - Tim Gresenz reported that the response to our annual membership mailing is usually good. Last year, dues were received from 139 property owners. Tim has BALA stickers again this year to give to dues-paying members.
Joel introduced new member, Martha Porter, who has purchased the property at the end of Mt. Dan Rd., and he also welcomed back Tom Liro to the lake.

Social Committee - Social events on the schedule for this summer include the Pontoons Across the Lake gatherings (the one in June was attended by 46 people), the "shore lighting" on July 4th , and the Wine Tasting on Aug. 7 at the Roy residence on 222 Roy Road.

SLAC - Joel said that the Town of Sturbridge gives $5,000 in betterment funds for weed treatment on the town's lakes. Each lake receives a portion based on its treatment costs. Big Alum expects to receive between $1,200 and $1,400. SLAC also plans to offer a second Boating Safety course on September 19. The course is offered by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and its certificate is good in 50 states. The course will be open to 40 registrants.

Treasurer's Report:
Janet Garon gave the financial report for 8/16/14 - 6/27/15.
 Income included dues, a web site ad, a $50 donation and interest.  Expenses included the Annual Report filing fee, the membership mailing, the D and O policy, stationery, and weed treatment.  Janet also reported on the savings account and CD balances.  The Treasurer's Report was accepted.

Old Business
Reminder that Logo has apparel, bags, hats, etc. with the Big Alum logo for sale. Check out the BALA web site for a link and directions for making purchases.

New Business

Joel reported that there are several open positions on the Board of Directors:
Membership - Tim Gresenz is resigning and Rick Predella will be the new chairman of the committee. Tom Clark volunteered to join the committee to represent the north end of the lake. A representative is needed for Trail Road.
Corresponding Secretary - Pat Howard is resigning and Marlie Willer will take her place.
Vice President - Andi Cropley is stepping down. Paul Lamarine will hold the position temporarily until a replacement can be found.

Joel presented Tim Gresenz with the Friend of Big Alum award and thanked him for his many years of work for the Association. Joel also recognized Pat Howard for her tireless work as Corresponding Secretary.

Margie Lebow said that she had read in the paper that Tantasqua plans to do carpentry work in the fall. She suggested that we ask them to replace the seats that were burned on the island. Joel noted that those seats had been built originally by an Eagle Scout. He said he will look into possibly rebuilding them in the fall.

The meeting adjourned at 10:40.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara LaRochelle,

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