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Big Alum Lake Association Meeting
July 8, 2006

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. President Janet Garon noted that an attendance sheet was being circulated and asked those present to sign it so that, in the event of a vote, she would know that there had been a quorum. Copies of the August 13, 2005 minutes, the BALA Bylaws, and the boating rules were distributed. Janet called for a motion to waive the reading of the minutes. The motion was made, seconded, and passed, and the minutes were accepted.

Janet gave a president’s report, which she said she will do annually at the July meetings as long as she is president. She reported that the Board had met four times during the fall, winter and spring, and had accomplished several tasks. The first of these was the placement of speed limit signs on Lake Road and at Cloutier’s corner. Janet thanked John Argitis for his assistance with this. Secondly, all filings and associated fees required by the State have been completed with the help of Attorney Mike Morrill. Also, the Board had reviewed and updated the 1976 version of the Association’s Bylaws, and later in the meeting Janet said that she would present the new document for approval by the membership. Finally, Janet thanked the Membership Committee for its hard work in persuading increased numbers of residents to become dues-paying members of the Association.

As part of her report, Janet explained the need for BALA to form a stronger environmental committee in light of new State regulations regarding lake maintenance. The new committee would be charged with developing a long term plan for weed control, mapping the lake and surrounding areas, monitoring the lake by tracking types of vegetation in and around the water, taking a more active role in COLAP, and working with other Sturbridge lake associations to develop a unified voice when dealing with local and state officials.

David Stevens gave the Treasurer’s report. As of July 7th, the checking account had a balance of $6,556.24, one of the CD’s a balance of $13,141.78, and the other a balance of $13,876.35, giving a total balance in the treasury of $33,574.37.

For the Boating Committee, Matt Kibbe reported that the rocks had been marked with buoys and that, with the exception of a few boats operating without lights late at night and a couple of jet skiers driving without vests, this summer’s boating has been going well. Joel Casaubon noted that in late June there had been two boats that had sunk, but that they had been raised quickly. He added that a new sign had been posted on the island to remind campers of health and safety rules.

Scott Sanderson was not present, so Janet gave the Environmental Committee’s report. She said that the State’s newly instituted Water Protection Act regulations have made it impossible for Big Alum Lake Association to carry out any weed treatments this spring and summer. Impact studies, mapping of trees and other vegetation, specification of weed varieties present in the lake, and other data collection must be undertaken before permission from the Town for treatment can be granted. Mapping alone has been estimated to cost $10,000.00. Jim Field noted that the lake has been mapped in the past, but Janet thought that the new regulations might not take into account previously gathered data. Since the goal of the lake association is the preservation of water quality, Janet proposed establishing a new Environmental Committee to monitor State and Town policies going forward. She said that Scott Sanderson was stepping down as chairman of the committee, but that he was willing to continue as a member. The following people volunteered to be members as well: Elise Casaubon, Tammy Chase, Paul Delacey, Bruce Gran, Boo Wheaton, and Bob Young. The committee will choose its own chairperson.

There was no Fishing Committee report as Rob Scoble was not present.

Ken Gajewski spoke for the Dam Committee. He had opened the dam on October 1, 2005, and the water level had been down 33 inches in December. He recommended opening the dam on September 15 this year so that residents may work on their walls. He noted that the new State regulations may affect future draw-downs.

For the History Committee, Martha Fearing said that the beginning of the project is done, and that she is now working on the stories of generational families. She would like to put photographs on the Big Alum Website.

For the Membership Committee, Tim Gresenz reported that the goals of his committee had been to record changes to the address list and to promote dues collection. He said that the response to the membership letter in May had been great, and that as of June 30th, dues had been collected from one hundred and twenty cottages.

Paul Lamarine spoke about the upcoming BALA Bash which was being organized by his daughter Andi Cropley and Jane Howlett. Tim Gresenz, Rob Scoble, and Jill Roy were in charge of the silent auction; already Red Sox tickets, waterskiing lessons, and restaurant gift certificates had been donated for the auction.

Kate Alexander reported that the golf tournament which is to be held in August has the potential to raise $3000-$4000 for the association. So far, however, Kate had not received any registration forms, although several people had made verbal commitments to play.

Under New Business, Janet said that she had reinstated the corporate status of the Big Alum Lake Association with the State as of November 10, 2005. The original paperwork had been filed in 1979.

She also said that the Board of Directors had reviewed the By-laws during the winter, and had made the following amendments:
*  Article IV – the date that dues will be payable has been changed from August 1 to January 1 of each year.
*  Article V, Section 4 – the sentence "In the absence of the Clerk during any meeting, the Corresponding Secretary will fulfill the duties of the Clerk by recording the minutes." has been added.
*  Article V, Section 7 – the Nominating Committee will be appointed by the President, rather than being elected by the membership. The Board of Directors may challenge the president’s appointments.
*  Article VI, Section 1 – the portion of the article which stated that the presidents of the regional associations (ie: Mt. Dan Road, Trail Road, Paradise Lane) would be part of the Board of Directors was deleted.
*  Article VI, Section 3 – "a majority" of members shall constitute a quorum at meetings of the Board of Directors.
*  Article VIII, Section 1 – meetings will be held on the second Saturday of August instead of the second Sunday.

Paul Lamarine made a motion that the membership vote to approve the bylaws to reflect the current activities of the association. The motion passed. To a question about the length of the terms of office of the officers and committee chairpersons, Janet replied one year.

Janet appointed Jane Howlett, Tim Gresenz, and Nancy Molta to the Nominating Committee.

Janet asked that nominations for the Friend of Big Alum award be phoned in or e-mailed to her by July 28. The Board of Directors will select the winner. In the past, Norma DiGregorio, Senator Steve Brewer, and Martha Fearing have received the award.

Marge and Robert Lebow were welcomed as new members.

The annual meeting will take place on August 12. The meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara LaRochelle, Secretary

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