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Big Alum Lake Association Meeting
July 7, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 A.M. A motion was made and passed to waive the reading of the minutes of the August 12, 2006 meeting - printed copies of those minutes were available.

Janet introduced Officer Hillary Dadault of the Sturbridge Police Department who gave a brief presentation about boating safety. Officer Dadault emphasized the need for boaters to keep their boat registrations on board. Owners must also have life jackets for each passenger, a throw-floatation device, a fire extinguisher, and distress signals. She noted that the maximum speed for boats travelling 150 feet from shore is 45 mph; the speed limit within the 150 feet is 6 mph. The Sturbridge Police Department has a jet ski and trained officers who will patrol the five lakes in town and will conduct random inspections of boats to insure their safe operation. Officer Dadault responded to various questions and said that she would let Janet know whether there is a maximum boat size allowed on the lake, and whether vehicles are permitted to drive onto the ice in the winter.

David Stevens gave the Treasurer’s report.  Income since the August 2006 meeting had included revenue from dues, the golf tournament, and a CD transfer. Expenses included payments for insurance, permits for weed treatment and Lycott’s treatment of the lake.

Committee reports were given:

For the Boating Committee, Joel Casaubon said that the buoys for the slalom course are in and that the rocks have been marked. Joel noted that it is illegal to attach a boat or jet ski to a buoy. The Boating Rules are posted at the boat ramp.

For the Environmental Committee, Tammy Chase thanked members for their support of her work with the Town, which resulted in Big Alum’s being able to treat weeds this spring. On May 29, treatment for the invasive curly pond weed took place and Rob Wheaton has reported to her that the plant seems to be gone. The Association had received $7000.00 from the Town and had paid Lee Lyman $4400.00 for the first treatment. The remaining $2000.00 will be used to treat nuisance weeds. Tammy said that the water quality is excellent and that Big Alum ranks at the top of the five Sturbridge lakes. She will attend a meeting with the Town to make the fall draw-down an amendment to the original Notice of Intent. Next year’s weed treatment is estimated to cost $8,500.00. Tammy will apply for Town funds and hopes to make weed treatment an annual item on the Town warrant. Tom Clark asked if anyone is keeping records about the water quality; Tammy keeps copies of the documents, as does the Town, and Janet has the old records in the past presidents’ box. To a question about the development on Paradise Lane, Tammy answered that the property has been transferred and that the new owner has filed for permits with the Town.

For the Fishing Committee, Rob Scoble said that the lake had been stocked with trout in the fall and spring. He had caught large mouth bass, pickerel, perch and catfish this year.

For the Dam Committee, Ken Gajewski noted that the dam had been opened early last year so that people could work on their walls; the water recovered nicely during the spring.

For the History Committee, Martha Fearing said that writing the history is an ongoing project and that she has made progress. Barbara LaRochelle has put the first few chapters on the new website and will continue to update with pictures and text.

For the Membership Committee, Paul Lamarine said that the letter the committee had sent has resulted in dues being paid for 128 lots so far. Following the meeting, the Membership Committee will encourage other residents to join the Association as well.

A vote was taken to accept the Treasurer’s and the Committees’ reports.

Under Other Business, Tracy Murphy announced that the BALA Bash will be held on July 21 at the Garons’ home on Roy Road. Plans are going well, and Tracy asked for help setting up the tents and cleaning up after the party.

Janet read her President’s Report, which discussed the activities of the Board during the winter months including the permitting and meetings about weed treatment. She thanked the Murphys for their work on the Bash, Kate Alexander and AndI Cropley for planning the boat parade, Barbara LaRochelle and Scott Sanderson for the updated website, and the Board of Directors for their continued support. She asked that members e-mail nominations for the Friend of Big Alum Award to her by July 16th.

Tammy read a note from Tim Gresenz asking that residents give him or Rob Scoble items for the Silent Auction.

Janet appointed the Nominating Committee: Kate Alexander, Tim Gresenz, and Paul Lamarine. They will provide the slate for elections at the August meeting.

It was suggested that new residents be given a packet of information including boating rules, environmental information, etc.

To a question about needing permission to walk on the roads around the lake, Ginny Roscioli pointed out that the road does not go all the way around. Often, walkers are crossing private property and should be aware that they are trespassing. She said that while the owners of those properties are usually willing to allow the walkers through, they also expect those passing by to acknowledge the need to be courteous.

Janet said that in the past the Association has unsuccessfully asked the State to put sound barriers along the Mass. Pike by Clark Road. She thought that perhaps another request could be sent to Senator Brewer and Representative Smola now, and she will ask Pat Howard to compose a letter requesting that sound barriers be installed.

Bruce Gran said that the Town has not done anything about repairing the road at the north end of the lake. He will get quotes for the repair; $6000 has already been allocated from the Association’s funds. Paul Roy said that Bruce should get the sewer project documents from the Conservation Commission for the design and that Greg Morse can help.

The next meeting will be held August 11th. The meeting adjourned at 11:20 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara LaRochelle, Secretary

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