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Big Alum Lake Association Meeting
July 5, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 10:10 A.M.   President Janet Garon welcomed new members and members who were attending for the first time. Steve Miller, Mike and Sandy Lemanski, Nancy Mangari, and Sue Emerson all introduced themselves. Janet announced that the Association was unable to engage a guest speaker for the July meeting, but that attempts will be made to reach someone from an environmental group to speak in August.

The minutes of the August 11, 2007 had been e-mailed in September, 2007 and had been posted on the Web site. The minutes were accepted as written.

David Stevens gave the Treasurer’s report.  Income since the August 2007 meeting had come from dues.. Expenses included State filing fees, BALA mailings, weed treatments, and insurance.  The Association has three CD's, two of which will mature in 2009 and one in 2010.

Committee reports were given:
For the Boating Committee, Matt Kibbe said that the buoys were in place, including a new one in the southeast section of the lake. He noted that people have been swimming to the new buoy and suggested that they use caution because of its location in the boating path. Joel Casaubon said that the sign on the island has disappeared and that perhaps it was used as firewood during the winter. He noted that he has put environmental brochures and copies of the boating rules at the ramp.

Tammy Chase read the Environmental Committee's report. The lake had been treated for curly pond weed last June. Tammy had joined members from Sturbridge's other lake associations and Town officials in forming the Sturbridge Lakes Advisory Committee. This group worked toward better communication about environmental issues affecting all the lakes in Sturbridge. The Environmental Committee's report may be found on the BALA Web site along with links to other important environmental sites on the Internet.

Rob Scoble was not present to give the Fishing Committee's report, but Janet said that the lake had been stocked by the Department of Fisheries. Dates for stocking may be found on the Department's Web site. Regarding the boat ramp, Joel Casaubon reported that the State will repair the ramp when the water level is lowered in the fall. There is a washed out area at the end of the ramp caused by power-loading and it has created an unsafe situation for boaters coming in at the ramp.

Tom Liro reported for Ken Gajewski about the dam. At Easter time, the water was high and there was ice on the lake. Ken had asked the Town for permission to lower the water a bit. The lake is full now.

Martha Fearing was not present to report on the History Committee's progress, but Janet said that there are several chapters on the History pages of the BALA Web site with information and pictures for all to enjoy.

For the Membership Committee, Tim Gresenz reported that the original goals of his committee had been to keep the mailing list current and to increase the percentage of dues-paying membership. The committee is comprised of six members, each in charge of a section of the lake: lots 1-66 - Paul Lamarine, 68-120 - Al Johnson, 124-172 - John Argitis, 174-220 - Jim Field, 222-302 - Ginny Roscioli, and 306-332 - Tim Gresenz.

A motion was made and passed to accept the Treasurer's report and the committee reports.

Regarding the Boat Parade, scheduled for that evening, Andi Cropley asked for a consensus on whether to hold the parade in spite of the predicted rain. It was decided that the parade should go ahead as planned.

Tracy Murphy spoke about the Bash which will be held July 19th at the Italian Club. The sailboat race is scheduled for 10:00 A.M., the picnic at 2:00 P.M. Giovanello's will be catering the event and Tall Heights will provide the music. Tim Gresenz and Rob Scoble are organizing the silent auction.

Matt Kibbe spoke about the Sailing Race which will take place at 10:00 A.M. on July 19th (Wind date - Aug. 2nd). There are two classes of sailboats - those 14 ft. and under, and those over 14 ft. Matt had registration forms available and asked that those interested in this "family event" contact him for more information.

Gary Galonek reported that he had reservations for nine foursomes for the Great Ponds Golf Tournament to be held July 7th. Patrick Subaru had donated a 2009 Subaru Forester as a hole-in-one prize at hole #3, and canvas bags of goodies were to be given to all participants. The tournament would be followed by a chicken barbecue. Gary said that between the entry fees and the twenty-one sponsorships of Tee Signs, the profit from the tournament should be +/- $3000.00.

Janet gave her President's Report. She included information about the State's plan to repair the boat ramp, and John Argitis' proposal to organize an "Earth Day" event where families will join together next April to clean up the areas around the lake. She thanked Tammy Chase for her involvement with the Sturbridge Lakes Advisory Committee and for the many hours she has devoted to environmental issues. Janet reported that she had met with Attorney Julie Morrill about BALA's possible 501c3 status. Because we are not really a charity, we probably will not be granted the designation, so Janet wanted everyone to know that things given to the association is not tax deductible.

Janet thanked the Board of Directors (Andi Cropley, Joel Casaubon, Tammy Chase, Martha Fearing, Ken Gajewski, Tim Gresenz, Pat Howard, Matt Kibbe, Paul Lamarine, Barbara LaRochelle, Rob Scoble, and Dave Stevens) for their continued support, and thanked the Murphys for their organization of the Bash and Gary Galonek for planning the Golf Tournament.

Janet said that nominations for the Friend of Big Alum Award are due by July 18 and asked that they be e-mailed to Pat Howard.

BALA elections will be held at the August meeting. David Stevens will be stepping down as Treasurer. Paul Lamarine, Tracy Murphy, and Scott Sanderson volunteered to be the Nominating Committee.

Janet suggested that everyone visit the association's Web site,, for new postings.

Under Old Business, Tracy Murphy asked that anyone available on the morning of July 19th please help with the Bash setup at the Italian Club.

Under New Business, Ann Marie Argitis first complimented Barbara on the design of the Web site. She then noted that the Town of Sturbridge has a leash law which is not always obeyed. She said that many people are afraid to walk around the lake because of dogs that run at them from various cottages along the road. She asked that a blurb be placed on the Web site to remind people to control their pets.

Regarding boats coming onto the lake carrying weeds, it was suggested that the association provide a "hose-down" area near the ramp. Janet will look into the possibility of the State's providing funds for such an area. It was noted that there would also have to be a place away from the water where the weeds and such from the boats could go.

Jim Field asked if it were possible to make the ramp private since years ago there was no public access. Paul Lamarine said that Big Alum is designated a Great Pond due to its acreage and as such must by law be open to the public.

The next meeting will be held August 9th.

The Membership Committee held its raffle of two Red Sox tickets, donated by John Argitis. Members who had paid their dues by the July 5th meeting were eligible. The winner of the tickets was Ruth Faxon.

The meeting adjourned at 11:20 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara LaRochelle

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