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Big Alum Lake Association Meeting
July 11, 2009

Vice President Andi Cropley called the meeting to order at 9:30 A.M. The Secretary's minutes from the August 9, 2008 meeting were accepted.

Roger White gave the Treasurer's report. Income since the last meeting had come from dues.  The association has four CD's, two that will mature in 2010 and two that will mature in 2011.

Rob Scoble gave the Fishing Committee's report. He had received inquiries about the time of year that the fish in the lake had been dying. He had asked Lee Lyman and was told that the fish-kill was due to spring pollen and the change in water temperature.

President Janet Garon read Tammy Chase's Environmental report. Tammy noted that because of a survey done by Lycott Environmental in June, the cost to treat weeds this summer will increase from $4,850.00 to $6,500.00. Lycott had found moderate growth of Starwort weed and a greater than usual cloud of Filamentous algae. Lee Lyman proposes to treat the lake beginning at the boat ramp and continuing along the whole eastern shoreline into the northwest cove. His $6,500.00 figure includes pre and post-treatment surveys, year-end reports, and a management plan for 2010. Tammy also reported that at the Sturbridge Annual Town Meeting, the Sturbridge Lakes Advisory Committee was approved and will consist of two representatives from each of the five lake associations (Big Alum, Cedar Lake, Leadmine Pond, South Pond, and Walker Pond), one representative from the Board of Selectmen, one from the Conservation Commission, and one from Brimfield Dam. Tammy and Joel Casaubon will represent Big Alum on the committee.

For the Boating Committee, Matt Kibbe said that the rock buoys are in. He noted that there has been a problem this summer with young kids driving jet skis erratically, jumping wakes, and cutting across tow lines. Joel Casaubon pointed out that according to State regulations, jet skiers must be sixteen years old and cannot drive within 150 feet of the shoreline. Marion Reilly said that she thought she knew the jet skiers and would speak to their parents. Matt said that the island seems to be clean and that he would put up the new sign which the association has purchased. Barbara Hitchcock said that she had seen some Connecticut boaters setting up camp on the island and that she had told them that there was no camping without permission from the association.

Ken Gajewski reported for the Dam Committee. The water level had been down thirty inches in December when the dam was closed, and the spillway has been regulating the lake levels since.

Janet gave Martha Fearing's History report. John Puffer has a lot of old pictures and historical information. He, Martha, and Barbara LaRochelle will be meeting soon to prepare the material for the Web site. Martha has also asked some long-time residents to record their stories of early days on the lake so that these can be presented on the Web site as well.

For the Membership Committee, Tim Gresenz reminded people to update their addresses and e-mail addresses so that the membership records may be kept current. He said that 106 of the 200 dues payments had come in.

Janet asked for a motion to accept all reports, including the Treasurer's report. The motion passed. She then asked for approval of the $6,500.00 expenditure for weed treatment. That motion passed as well.

Tracy Murphy reported that plans for the Bash were coming along. The party would be held at the Italian Club and there would be an Italian/Mexican menu. At the time, only twenty-four people had registered to attend, but more were expected in the following week.

Andi Cropley thanked the fifteen families who participated in the Boat Parade and said that it had been a great success.

Matt Kibbe noted that he had had only two entries for the Sailboat Race and that those two had cancelled that morning. He would try to hold another race next summer.

Janet said that she was looking for nominees for the Friend of Big Alum award and that any nominations should be e-mailed to Pat Howard by July 18. She asked for volunteers for the Nominating Committee which will organize the election of officers at the August meeting. Paul Lamarine, Tracy Murphy, and Janet will form the committee.

Under Old Business, Paul Lamarine said that Terry Smith, who was the engineer of the septic system project, now works for the Division of Fish and Game. He has promised to replace the cement ramp at the boat access on Clark Road when the water is lowered in the fall.

Under New Business, Janet said that she had sent a letter to the Sturbridge Fire and Police Departments stating that the Big Alum Lake Association has never sponsored fireworks on the lake. Following an incident at Walker Pond last summer where people refused to accept responsibility for setting off illegal fireworks and causing personal injury, the Town has zero tolerance for such activity.

Regarding letters sent to Big Alum residents about flood insurance, Joel Casaubon said that the Federal Government is revamping its flood zone maps. If residents have bank mortgages, they will be required to have flood insurance.

The August meeting will begin at 10:00 A.M. with refreshments at 9:30. Janet took a moment to note the passing of long-time resident and former BALA treasurer, Norma DiGregorio.

The meeting adjourned at 10:45 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara LaRochelle, Secretary

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