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Big Alum Lake Association Meeting
July 3, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM.  The minutes of the August 15, 2009 meeting were accepted.

President Janet Garon introduced Rob Wheaton from Lycott Environmental who spoke about the weed treatment that had taken place on June 16th. He noted that the algae-cover on the bottom of the lake, in combination with sand and rocks, prevents many of the invasive plants from growing in Big Alum. Lycott had treated the usual vegetation such as starwort and filamentous algae with contact herbicide. He said that the water is clear to a depth of nineteen feet. The clarity is due to the low vegetation but the oxygen levels should be raised a little to accommodate fish and to keep some plants controlled. He suggested clearing leaves from the water in the spring instead of the fall.

Roger White gave the Treasurer's report. The checking account has a balance of $7,509.89; the CD's total $52,881.73. 2010 dues collected as of July 3, 2010 total $5050.00. The Treasurer's report was accepted as read.

For the Boating and Island Maintenance Committee, Joel Casaubon reported on the incident the previous Saturday night when a group of people had a party on the island and tore up and burned the benches built by Eagle Scout Brian Avery. Joel had discovered the smoldering logs on Sunday and had put out the fire. He said that he will remove them from the island; Tammy Chase said that she will call the Town about taking them away. Janet suggested a neighborhood watch to take an active role in protecting the island. She added that she had contacted the Sturbridge Police Department about the damage. A motion was made and passed to offer a $500.00 reward for information leading to the prosecution of the person(s) who vandalized the island. Joel will post reward signs around the lake.
Matt had marked a rock south of the island with white bottles and will mark a "new" rock in the cove near Garon's - the rock is about four feet below the surface.

For the Environmental Committee, Tammy reported that in February, our NOI had been extended for three years. The weed treatment earlier this summer cost $4,950. Tammy had attended two SLAC meetings this year where various subcommittees were formed. Joel reported that the Sturbridge Planning Board has designated watershed zones for each of the town's lakes and will be restricting building in those areas. Currently, the Planning Board is revising its master plan. Tammy said that FEMA has re-mapped its flood areas and Big Alum is not in a flood zone.

Rob Scoble reported for the Fishing Committee. He said that the lake had been stocked with trout. There had been a moderate fish-kill in the spring.

Ken Gawjeski noted that the wet spring had provided us with plenty of water for the lake.

Paul Lamarine read Martha Fearing's History Committee report. Martha encouraged people to read the history pages on the Big Alum web site. She had found some records from the 1920's and 1930's, and she and Barbara will put together more chapters for our online book. She noted that in 1937, the taxes on her Big Alum property were $62.70.

For the Membership Committee, Tim Gresenz said that 117 members had paid dues by June 30th. He is planning to put together a "welcoming packet" for new residents and renters giving information on lake events, boating rules, etc. He stressed the importance of keeping e-mail addresses up to date.

A motion was made and passed to accept all committee reports.

Tracy Murphy reported on plans for the July 24th BALA Bash. Flyers have been mailed giving information about boat shuttles, entertainment, food, and the silent auction. Plans for two "live" auctions - one for Celtics tickets and the other for house tours - are being made. Paul Lamarine has a new megaphone for use at the party.

Andi Cropley said that the Boat Parade was on schedule for that evening at 9:00. She will take pictures to be posted on the web site.

Under Old Business, Janet said that we had voted last August to allot $6500 for weed treatment, but needed to spend only $4950.

Under New Business, Janet said that she had spoken to Jason Ricci about the tree which had fallen from his property into the lake. It is his responsibility to remove the tree, but he has said that the cost is prohibitive. Several neighbors have volunteered to help cut the tree up and drag it out of the water, but, Janet said, Jason seemed reluctant. She will call him again about accepting the help.

Janet has information from the Board of Health concerning regulations on public and semi-public beaches. Participants in neighborhood beaches are required to test the water at the beaches and send the results to the Town. Members of Big Alum's common beaches include the Trail Road Association, the Paradise Lane Association, and the Italian Club. Howard Pratt also owns thirty feet on the water between Shiroka's and Speed's.

Janet asked that nominations for the Friend of Big Alum award be sent to her by the middle of July. In addition, elections will be held at the August 14th meeting. Janet will be stepping down as president, but will put her name in as treasurer. The Nominating Committee was formed: Paul Lamarine, Rob Scoble, and Janet Garon.

Joe Veneziano thanked the Association for the sympathy note sent to his family. He also said that two dogs near the sharp corner on Lake Road had bitten his daughter's leg. He wanted to make residents aware of the situation.

The meeting adjourned at 11:25 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara LaRochelle, Secretary

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