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Big Alum Lake Association Meeting
July 6, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM.

The minutes of the August 2012 meeting, which had been posted on the BALA website and which were available at the meeting, were accepted.

Janet gave the Treasurer's Report. Income since the August 2012 meeting had come from 2012 and 2013 dues.  Expenses included 2012 and 2013 dues mailings, Lycott weed treatments and year-end reports, the Annual Report filing fee, Bash costs, and Talbot Embroidery's set-up charge. Janet noted that there was a discrepancy and that she would find it and would submit an amended report in a few days. (See attached Checkbook Reconciliation 7/11/2013). The five CD's are in the Southbridge Credit Union. The Treasurer's Report was accepted pending reconciliation of the checking account.


Boating - Matt Kibbe reported that the rock buoys are in and asked residents to notify him if any are missing. He had made several observations in recent weeks: boats not following the counter-clockwise direction rule (this "rule" is just a safety suggestion by the Association), underage jet skiers, swimmers too far from shore, boats traveling at night without bow and stern lights, overloaded boats. He suggested that boaters be aware of their wakes, both in the no-wake zone between the island and the shore, and when their boats are at half-plane. Joel noted that the Association is not the governing authority on the lake. If residents see a problem, they should call the police and file a report.

Dam - Ken Gajewski said that the dam is closed and the lake has been full since Memorial Day.

Environmental - Tammy Chase reported that the weed treatment in mid-June had gone well. There had been no fish-kill this year and no algae blooms, probably due to the high water levels in the spring. Tammy will be giving up her chairmanship of the Environmental Committee and Bruce Gran will take over in August.

Fishing - Rob Scoble said that fishing has been good this season. Lisa Dalberth had been planning a kids' fishing tournament, but has postponed the event until next year.

Membership - New residents Mike and Barb Gionfriddo (#332) and Nancy Mangari (#206) were introduced. Tim Gresenz reported that dues have been paid for 108 lots so far. This year residents who join the Association will receive two stickers with the new logo for use on their cars or boats. The Membership Committee members will distribute the stickers to the residents in each section of the lake: Paul Lamarine - Lots 1-66, Al Johnson - Lots 68-120, John Argitis - Lots 122-172, Rick Predella - Lots 174-220, Ginnie Roscioli - Lots 222-302, Tim Gresenz - Lots 306-332 and the Trail Assoc.

Bash - There will be no bash this summer due to decreasing attendance and the difficulty in finding anyone to chair the event.

History - Joel said that a newly formed History Committee had met and will actively engage in interviewing older residents about their memories of earlier times at the lake. The Board had approved the purchase of a small video camera to record the interviews. Joel had inquired if a WPI student might be interested in collating the material as part of a college project; he is waiting to hear from the school in the fall.

Joel reported that SLAC had sponsored a boating safety course in May and that thirty-eight people had attended. Some states require anyone driving a boat to have a license and Massachusetts may make this a law as well. The course will be offered next year too. The dock regulations project has been temporarily tabled by the Board of Selectmen. Articles on environmental concerns will appear monthly in local newspapers.

Andi Cropley said that the Boat Parade is scheduled for 4:00 PM, Saturday July 6.

The Tag Sale on June 29 went relatively well. Pat Howard had sent out an e-mail explaining that she knew of a non-profit charity where people could donate items that did not sell during the tag sale.

The man in the green kayak, who came to the lake frequently last summer, has returned and is spending time on the island. Matt and Joel have both spoken to him and the Sturbridge Police know who he is and of residents' concerns about him.

New Business:

At last year's meeting members decided that our August meetings will be held on the third Saturday of the month instead of the second Saturday. This requires a By-Law change. A motion was made and approved unanimously to make this By-Law change.

If anyone is interested in Web advertising on the BALA site, please contact Barbara LaRochelle or Janet Garon.

The Association is ordering tee shirts and polo shirts with the new BALA logo. Chris Casaubon had samples of both at the meeting; tee shirts cost $8.00 and polo shirts $34.00. Orders will be placed every two weeks.

Geese have become a problem this summer. They spend their evenings on the island and their days eating the grass in everybody's yards. Joel had a flyer about an amber flashing light that can be purchased online and used as a deterrent.

Last year Cedar Lake sponsored a Kayak for the Kure fund raiser and raised several thousand dollars for their cause. Joel asked if people wanted to do something similar. No decision was made regarding this matter.

Janet reported that the Sturbridge Trails Committee had planned to make the roads around the lake a public trail. Because many of the roadways are private property, the Big Alum "trail" was removed from the Trails Plan. Unfortunately, there was a recent article in the newspaper saying that Big Alum was part of the public trail. Janet said that she would speak to the publisher of the article, but that residents should inform any potential "trail users" that the roads are private property and only those who live on the roads have access.

Ken Gajewski said that there is a loon on the lake. Tim Gresenz noted that the sign at the base of the ramp is down.

The meeting adjourned at 10:50 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara LaRochelle, Secretary

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