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Big Alum Lake Association Meeting
July 5, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM.

The minutes of the August 17, 2013 annual meeting, which had been posted online and which were available at the meeting, were accepted.

Janet Garon gave the Treasurer's Report:
The checking account included income from dues, web site ads, and interest, and expenses for a computer for the corresponding secretary, a camcorder for the History Committee, weed treatments, and mailings.  The Treasurer's Report was accepted.

Danny Molta was introduced as a new member of the Association.

Committee Reports:

Dam - Ken Gajewski reported that water was going over the dam when the ice thawed. The dam is in good working order.

Boating - Matt Kibbe said that all buoys have been in the water since Memorial Day. The island has been getting a lot of use by off-lake people. Rick Predella noted that residents should make sure their guests know the rules for using jet skis. Joel provided our 2014 version of the Big Alum Boating Rules and encouraged people to take them.

Fishing - The Northern Bass Alliance had held a fishing tournament on the lake on June 1st. The Selectmen had approved the permit. Joel has spoken to the Selectmen concerning weeds being brought into the lake by off-lake boaters.

Membership - Tim Gresenz reported that so far 105 people had paid their dues. Last year we had 144 paid members which was about 75% of households on the lake. Joel pointed out that this is due to the fine work of the Membership Committee, because other area lakes have only 30-60% participation. Tim noted that Paul Lamarine is the representative for lots 1 to 66, Al Johnson for lots on Paradise Lane to 120, John Argitis for lots 122 to 172, Rick Predella for lots 174 to 220, Ginnie Roscioli for lots 222 to 300, and Tim himself for Trail Road. John Argitis is giving up his position on the committee, so Tim is looking for a volunteer to replace him. BALA stickers are available again this year for residents to put on their cars or boats.

Environmental - Bruce Gran said that the weed treatment had taken place in early June. He will be sending out an electronic survey to ask people about any weeds in front of their properties. Currently there are some weeds near the dam that were not treated.

History - Joel Casaubon reported that John Puffer had taken charge of the History Committee. He has organized a group of volunteers to contact residents about the potential history of each property around the lake. Progress is slow but promising. The Executive Board had purchased a camcorder to record interviews with people who have been on the lake for a long time. A meeting with John Freeman who is a local historian is planned for later this summer. Pictures and new information will be added to the history pages already on the BALA web site.

SLAC - Joel said that the group had asked the Town to allocate State funds for weed treatment to each of the lakes that do treat their water. Big Alum expects to receive $1600 for future treatments.  Bruce Gran reported that a safe boating course had been offered in May and that SLAC plans to offer another in September. Only three Sturbridge residents had attended the May class although there were 50 people in attendance. BALA will be notified early about the Sept. class. A Lake Appreciation Day will be held on Cedar Lake in October.

Upcoming Social Events:
Boat Parade - July 5 at 4:00 PM from Lamarines' dock.
BALA PAL gatherings - July 16 and August 20. The June gathering was a great success.
Wine and Cheese Tasting - August 8 from 5:00 to 9:00 PM at Garons' yard, hosted by Janet Garon, Chris Casaubon, and Jill Roy.

Old and New Business:

* Joel noted that LogoUp is handling the BALA shirts for us now. The company has all types of apparel, hats, bags, etc. - there is no charge for the logo. There is a link to LogoUp on the BALA web site or people may go online to to order their own items. At check-out, it is necessary to put our logo code AB-54108 in the "comments box" at the bottom of the page. Donna Talbot can still put our logo on items that residents take to her.

* We have a new post office box #355. The Board of Directors felt that we needed a Fiskdale address.

* We also have a Facebook page for Big Alum Lake Association where people can find pictures of recent events and see notices of upcoming activities.

* Janet is looking into electronic collection of funds through Pay Pal. At some point members may be able to pay dues electronically.

* It was announced that Ted Gawron had passed away recently, and that Ray Taylor had died earlier in the year.

* Paddle-boarders have been coming on the lake for the past couple of weeks. In answer to a question, Joel said that they do not need life preservers except before April 15 and after September 15.

The meeting adjourned at 10:45 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara LaRochelle,

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