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Big Alum Lake Association Meeting
August 11, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 A.M.   Janet introduced and welcomed Rocco Falcone as a new member of the association.

.A motion was made and passed to waive the reading of the minutes of the July 7, 2007 meeting - printed copies of those minutes were available.

David Stevens gave the Treasurer’s report.  Income since the July meeting had included revenue from dues, the picnic, and two weed-control donations. Expenses were primarily picnic costs.

Committee reports were given:

For the Boating Committee, Matt Kibbe said that it had been a great summer with no incidents on the lake. He suggested that the association consider having a sailboat race on the lake next summer. Joel Casaubon said that he had found a tube floating in the lake and that it was hanging on a tree in front of his house.

Tim Gresenz gave the Environmental Committee's report. He said that the committee is trying to resolve the drawdown process. Lee Lyman will be doing the survey of the lake; specific documents are required by the Conservation Commission before the drawdown can take place. To a question about cost, Tim said that the contract with Lee is for $2,500.00 and that the figure includes mapping and a plan for the drawdown. He added that there is $4,400.00 from the Town left in the lake's weed treatment account and that the $2,500.00 can come from the Town's money. Janet and David Bellerose both noted that the weeds in the cove by their homes have come back. They felt that the weed treatment needed to be repeated. Tim said that when reporting weeds, people should include their lot numbers on the notification to facilitate locating the weeds. He added that Bob Young and Elise Casaubon have left the Environmental Committee and that new members need to be added.

Fishing Committee: No report

Ken Gajewski noted that his report involved the drawdown and would be given later.

For the History Committee, Martha Fearing said that she is still gathering information and that Barbara LaRochelle will be adding text and pictures to the website soon. Matt Kibbe said that his aunt might have some stories to share.

For the Membership Committee, Tim Gresenz said that his committee is trying to keep the list of members current and to encourage all residents to become dues-paying members of the association. Of 198 potential members, 67% had joined in 2005, 68% in 2006, and 70% in 2007. Eight people who have been members in the past have not joined this year and he will try to find out why. He thanked his committee for their hard work.

Janet asked for a motion to approve the committee reports; the motion was made and passed.

Regarding the lake drawdown, Ken suggested lowering the water 30 inches beyond the spillway on October 15th or a date chosen by the Conservation Commission. The dam should then be closed by the Town at the end of December. Because the State is regulating when the dam can be opened and closed, the association can only make a recommendation. Terry Smith who led the sewer project now works for the Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife and it was suggested that he might be able to help the association with the paperwork.

Tracy Murphy reported that the Bash was very successful. 170 people had attended and the net proceeds were $3,278.00. He thanked everyone who had helped. Rocco Falcone thanked the association for making his family feel so welcome and said that the picnic was a great idea. Jim Field said that the hors d'oeuvres and desserts were excellent, but that the food from Hooya's was not up to par. There were no condiments for the hamburgers and hot dogs, and the pasta dish was not good. Paul Lamarine said that Hooya's makes no money on the bash, and caters it for us because the lake people frequent his restaurant. It was suggested that next year's committee look into the possibility of other caterers as well.

Paul Lamarine gave his "lake statistics":











Personal Watercraft









Janet said that the golf tournament would not take place this year, but that plans for next year would begin early.

There were no financial requests from any of the committees.

The donation to St. Anne's for use of the Parish Center room will be $100.00 as last year.

The 2008 dues will be kept at $50.00.

Paul gave the Nominating Committee's report. The slate for the 2007-2008 Board of Directors: Joel Casaubon, Tammy Chase, Andrea Cropley, Martha Fearing, Kenneth Gajewski, Janet Garon, Tim Gresenz, Patricia Howard, Matt Kibbe, Paul Lamarine, Barbara LaRochelle, Robert Scoble, David Stevens. Janet asked if there were any nominations from the floor. There were not and Janet asked that one vote be cast for the slate. Paul then nominated for one year terms the following slate as the 2007-2008 BALA Officers: Janet Garon - President, Andrea Cropley - Vice President, David Stevens - Treasurer, Barbara LaRochelle - Clerk, Patricia Howard - Corresponding Secretary. One vote was cast for the slate of officers. Janet thanked Kate Alexander for serving as Vice President for the past two years.

Janet announced that she had received several nominations for the Friend of Big Alum Award - all for the same person. She presented the award to Ken Gajewski for being a strong advocate for the lake for so many years.

She asked for volunteers to chair the Bash Committee, the Golf Tournament, and to join the Environmental Committee. Gary Galonek said that he would work on the Golf Tournament.

The 2008 meetings will be held on July 5 and August 9. The Boat Parade will take place on July 5.

Under Old Business, it was suggested that new buoys be purchased to mark the rocks in the lake. Matt and Joel will get them.

Janet said that on the agenda of the winter Board meetings she will include: COLAP representation, research grants, welcome baskets for new residents, sailboat races, the boat parade, and the possibility of a ski club.

The meeting adjourned at 10:45 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara LaRochelle

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