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Big Alum Lake Association Meeting
August 9, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 A.M. President Janet Garon asked if any new members were in attendance.

The minutes of the July 5, 2008 meeting had been posted on the Big Alum web site, but had not been e-mailed to the membership. Therefore, the vote to accept the minutes was postponed until the July 2009 meeting.

David Stevens gave the Treasurer’s report.  Income since the August 2007 meeting had come from dues.. Expenses included State filing fees, BALA mailings, weed treatments, and insurance.  The Association has three CD's, two of which will mature in 2009 and one in 2010.

Committee reports were given.

For the Boating/Island Maintenance Committee, Matt Kibbe said that the island was in good shape although the sign was still missing. Joel Casaubon planned to replace it. Some of the buoys marking rocks had disappeared as well; Matt noted that the buoys are there mainly for off-water boaters.

Environmental Committee chairperson Tammy Chase reported that there had been no large algae blooms this summer. She had given Lycott's bill for weed treatment to the Town for processing.

For the Fishing Committee, Rob Scoble said that there are a lot of fish in the lake this year: bass, yellow perch, a tiger trout, a catfish, and some crawfish.

Paul Lamarine gave Martha Fearing's History report. Martha planned to meet with John Puffer regarding old photos he has of the lake.

Tim Gresenz thanked the members of the Membership Committee for working to keep the address list current and for helping to increase the number of dues-paying members of the Association. 138 of the 200 potential members had paid as of the August meeting.

For the Dam Committee, Ken Gawjeski reported that the lowering of the lake in the fall would follow State guidelines. He recommended opening the dam on November 1st, lowering the water 30 inches below the spillway and maintaining that level until December 31st at which time the dam would be closed.

A motion was made and passed to accept the Treasurer's and the committees' reports.

A vote was taken approving Ken Gawjeski's recommendation for the drawdown of the lake.

A motion to keep the 2009 dues at $50.00 passed unanimously.

Andi Cropley said that the Boat Parade had been a great success. She also reported that three of the Sturbridge lakes had participated in the Golf Tournament and based on participation, Cedar Lake had netted $500.00, South Pond $1,000.00, and Big Alum $2,300.00. She thanked Gary Galonek and Tammy Chase for their work on the tournament.

Tracy Murphy reported on the Bash. 143 people had attended. The picnic was held at the Italian Club; there had been live music and delicious food from a new caterer. In all, the day was very successful and netted $3,012.25 for the Association.

Matt Kibbe said that there had been four participants in the Sailboat Race and that they all had had a good time. Matt would like to continue the tradition next year and hoped that more sailors would join in the fun.

Janet thanked all the committee chairs and their teams for their work for the Association. She asked if any of the committees had financial requests for the next year. Tammy Chase said that no money had been allotted by the Town for environmental purposes next year. A motion was made and passed to expend up to $4000.00 for weed treatment in the spring.

For the Nominating Committee, Paul Lamarine presented the slate of directors: President- Janet Garon, Vice President - Andi Cropley, Treasurer - Roger White, Clerk/Secretary - Barbara LaRochelle, Corresponding Secretary - Pat Howard, Members-at-Large - Martha Fearing and Paul Lamarine. One vote was cast for the slate. Paul then nominated the same slate of officers. One vote was cast for the slate of officers as well.

Janet presented out-going treasurer Dave Stevens with a gift and thanked him for the amazing job he had done for the Association. She also presented Tammy Chase with the 2008 Friend of Big Alum Award and thanked Tammy for all of her hard work with the Conservation Commission and Sturbridge Lakes Advisory Committee.

Under Old Business, a question was raised about the $6000.00 which had been earmarked for drainage at the north end of the lake. It was noted that the continuous rain which we have experienced this summer has caused the silt from the Sturbridge Woods roads to wash down to the lake and to build up against the cottages by the water. Paul Lamarine said that the Town won't do drainage work or empty catch basins but that they will grade roads and do other types of work. Janet said that she would contact Greg Morse about the problem and ask him to contact Bruce Gran at the north end.

Janet asked for volunteers to chair four 2009 committees: Nancy and Tracy Murphy agreed to chair the Bash, Matt Kibbe said that he would run the Sailboat Race again, Andi Cropley said that Gary Galonek would probably chair the Golf Tournament if he had help, and John Argitis will be planning environmental activities to coincide with the 2009 Earth Day.

Under New Business, Paul displayed framed aerial photographs of Big Alum taken by Don Couture and said that similar prints could be ordered. He had several of Mr. Couture's cards for those who wanted them.

Paul Lamarine gave his annual Big Alum "count":
2007 2008
Pontoon boats



Personal watercraft



Deck boats














The meeting adjourned at 10:55 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara LaRochelle

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