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Big Alum Lake Association Meeting
August 13, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 10:10 AM. President Janet Garon asked if any new members were present, but there appeared to be none.

The minutes of the July 2, 2011 meeting, which are posted on the BALA website and were available at the meeting, were accepted.

Janet gave the Treasurer's Report including Checking Account, Savings Account, and CD balances.  Janet is keeping the CD terms short in hopes of interest rates improving.

Committee Reports:

Boating and Island Maintenance - Matt Kibbe reported that there were no boating problems during the previous month. He added that several buoys were missing and that he has replaced them. Joel Casaubon said that the tree had been taken out of the lake. He thanked Jason Ricci, the owner of the tree, Ken Gajewski, Roger LaRochelle, Matt Kibbe, Rick Predella, Dick Domash, and Neal Casaubon for their help in the removal.

Environmental - Tammy Chase reported that the weed treatment had gone well. Rob Scoble noted that there are two large weed beds in the area near his home, and Tammy said that Lycott is good about responding promptly to residents' requests for spot-treatments. Tammy thanked Joel and Bruce Gran for being active in SLAC during the previous winter. Dave Mitchell will be touring the lake with Bruce and taking water samples. Tammy requested that $4950 be appropriated for next year's weed treatment; she said that she would make an official request later in the meeting.

Fishing - Rob Scoble said that the State stocks the lake twice a year. He will notify residents when that happens.

Dam - Ken Gajewski noted that, with all the rain we have had, the lake is full. He recommended a fall drawdown of 30 inches, commencing on November 1st. Barbara will notify the Conservation Commission and the Board of Selectmen. Martha Fearing said that when the lake is full, the water is very high on the west side. Janet noted that at the same time as the water is high on the west side, it is low near her property. Ken said that the Conservation Commission would not favor frequent opening of the dam to make adjustments to water levels.

History - Martha Fearing said that she and Barbara will be scanning pictures and writing new stories for the History Web pages. Ann Marie Argitis had shared a picture of Alan Buddington whose family had owned the property where her house is now. Ginny Roscioli promised to provide information and pictures of the Rice Family's Girls' Camp.

Membership - Tim Gresenz reported that 126 families have paid dues this year. This represents 75-80% of the cottages around the lake. He is still hoping for 100% participation and has sent out a second mailing to those who have not joined the Association yet. He reminded members to keep their e-mail addresses up to date.

A vote was taken to accept all Committee reports.

Andi Cropley said that the Boat Parade had been a success and that holding it in the daytime had been a good idea. Pictures are posted on the BALA Web site. Ann Marie Argitis asked if they could be put in the Southbridge News as well.

Paul Lamarine thanked the Murphys for organizing the Bash. There had been 131 participants and the party had netted $619 for the treasury. It had been a great day, with good food and excellent entertainment.

Andi presented the Friend of Big Alum Award to Janet, thanking her for serving as president for the past six years and remarking on her continuing dedication to the Association.

The election of officers and directors followed. Nancy Molta read the nominations for the Board of Directors: Joel Casaubon, Tammy Chase, Andrea Cropley, Martha Fearing, Kenneth Gajewski, Janet Garon, Tim Gresenz, Patricia Howard, Matt Kibbe, Paul Lamarine, Barbara LaRochelle, Tracy Murphy, Richard Predella, Robert Scoble. There were no nominations from the floor, so one vote was cast for the slate.

Nancy then nominated the following slate as the 2011-2012 BALA Officers:

President - Joel Casaubon
Vice President - Andrea Cropley
Treasurer - Janet Garon
Secretary/Clerk - Barbara LaRochelle
Corresponding Secretary - Patricia Howard

One vote was cast for the slate of officers as well.

Janet gave her President's Message. She said that it has been a pleasure working with the Board of Directors, and that she has liked being on top of issues that affect the lake.

John Argitis, Jr. had called Greg Morris about putting up "no littering" signs on Lake Road since littering has become a problem in the area. Robert Lebow made a motion that the Association approve John's request and the motion passed. John will be in touch with the Town about the signs.

Janet turned the meeting over to Joel Casaubon, BALA's new president. Joel appointed the 2011-2012 Committee chairmen:

Dam - Ken Gajewski History - Martha Fearing
Environmental - Tammy Chase Boating - Matt Kibbe & Rick Predella
Fishing - Rob Scoble Membership - Tim Gresenz
Bash - Tracy Murphy
Boat Parade - Andi Cropley
           Tracy would like someone else to consider organizing the Bash in 2013.

The 2012 meeting dates will be July 7th and August 11th. The Bash is usually held the second or third week of July.

Janet made a motion to appropriate $4,950 for weed treatments next year. The motion carried.

Paul Lamarine gave his annual list of "stats" for 2011:

Pontoon boats - 41                     Motorboats - 99
Personal watercraft - 39              Deckboats - 4
Kayaks/Canoes - 122

There was no Old Business.

Under New Business, Ginny Roscioli asked about the mosquito spraying happening on Clark Road. Ken explained that because of the fish, spraying cannot occur closer than 100 feet from the water. Spraying is done between 9:00 PM and midnight. Ginny also noted that she had seen a bear near her property recently.

Joe Veneziano said that the wetlands have increased in volume and that there is only one grate near his property to carry away the water. The pipe there needs to be better maintained. It was suggested that he contact the Town about the problem.

Robin Richey commented that the recent sewer bill was $150. She said that the Town is willing to put Big Alum residents on a metered service and she is interested in pursuing this option. It was noted that seasonal residents can apply for reduced rates. Joel said that anyone wishing to join Robin when she meets with Town officials, should contact Robin or himself.

Matt Kibbe noted that Cedar Lake had sponsored a paid boating course this summer. Joel said that SLAC is planning to sponsor a course at no charge next season.

The meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara LaRochelle, Secretary

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