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Big Alum Lake Association Meeting
August 11, 2012

President Joel Casaubon called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM.

The minutes of the July 7, 2012 meeting were accepted.
Janet Garon gave the Treasurer's Report:.  Income included funds from dues, business advertising, and the Bash.  Expenses include costs for the Bash, Weed Treatment, and Liability Insurance.  The Treasurer's Report was accepted.

Committee Reports:

Boating - Matt Kibbe reported that it had been a good summer on the lake with a lot of activity but no accidents. He noted that the wakes from some boats were creating large waves and asked that boaters, especially those pulling tubes, stay away from the shore. He said that there have been some boats and kayaks traveling at night without lights, and that there have been incidents of speeding in the north cove and by the island. While there has been increased use of the island, there does not seem to be a problem with people picking up after themselves. Matt had replaced one buoy.

Dam - Ken Gajewski said that the water level is down about 6½ inches due to evaporation and the lack of rain during the winter and spring. He suggested lowering the water beginning November 1st and closing the dam when the level reaches 30 inches below the spillway. A motion to that effect was made, seconded, and passed. Barbara LaRochelle will notify the Town of the decision.

Environmental - Tammy Chase had spoken to Rob Wheaton about a little, round, green weed that had appeared in the south cove. Joel had given Lycott samples to analyze. Secchi disk readings showed 14 ft. visibility, less than the usual 19 ft., but probably due to the low water level and warm temperatures. Tammy said that this is the third year of our NOI and that she is looking into getting an extension for another three years.

Fishing - Rob Scoble was not present. Ken Gajewski said that he had seen an eagle with one of Big Alum's fish in its mouth!

History - Joel reported that we have scanned pictures and that the History Committee will be meeting to compile more information for the history pages on our Website. Mary Roy noted that she has pictures from her family as well.

Membership - Tim Gresenz said that $6,475.00, representing 130 members, had been collected in dues. Last year at this time the membership count was 135. Several people who have joined in the past have not done so this summer. Tim will arrange for a reminder letter to be sent out by the end of August.

Bash - Tracy Murphy said that the picnic had been fun, with good food, weather, and music. Attendance had been down this year - 75 people had paid and 70 had attended. Janet suggested having competitive games for the young children such as canoe jousting and three-legged races. Tracy asked for volunteers to chair the event next summer, and Mary Roy said that she would co-chair but preferred that someone else head the committee.

SLAC update - Joel reported that the Sturbridge Lakes Advisory Committee would be offering a free boating course on August 18. Interested residents could find information about the course/certification on the BALA website or at the Sturbridge Town Clerk's office.

The revised dock regulations have been submitted to the Board of Selectmen. A public hearing will be held in August.

Nominations and Elections - The current Officers and Directors have agreed to continue in their positions. A motion was made to cast one vote for the slate; the motion carried.

New Business:

The Sturbridge Trails Committee presented their master plan to the Board of Selectmen. The group wanted access to all the lakes in Sturbridge, but this meant increased traffic issues, weed control problems, and the need for Ranger stations and extra patrols. The Board of Selectmen, citing high costs to the Town, has recommended removing all lake property from the Trails Map. A continuation of the Public Hearing will take place on Sept. 4, 2012 at 6:30 PM.

Joel said that the vote for a new logo for the Association resulted in a tie between the sun/water design and the mountain-reflection design. The Board will discuss the logo further at its next meeting.

Janet explained her idea to sell advertising space on the Website. Currently there are three ads on the page.

Pat Howard said that the Tag Sale had been a success. Ten families had participated. Next year she would like to hold the sale on two Saturdays - the one before the Brimfield Flea Market and the one after.

It was noted by several residents that a man in a green kayak has been spending an inordinate amount of time on the island, sometimes staying overnight. Joel said that he would look into it.

The 2013 meetings will be held on the first Saturday in July and the third Saturday in August.

The meeting adjourned at 10:45 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara LaRochelle, Secretary

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