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Big Alum Lake Association Meeting
August 22, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM.

The minutes of the June 27, 2015 meeting were accepted.

Committee Reports:

Boating - Matt Kibbe

Matt reported that boating on the lake had been fairly quiet this summer. There had been a few incidents of a pontoon boat pulling tubers and a skier at night. Matt noted that there have been a lot of renters on the lake and suggested that lot owners give the State's and the Association's Boating Rules to their renters. He added that there are a lot fewer incidents on Big Alum than on Cedar Lake.

Dam - Ken Gajewski

Ken said that the water is down about 5 inches already this summer. He noted that he plans to open the dam on October 15 this year and to drop the water level 36 inches. Normally, the dam is opened on Nov. 1 and the water lowered 30 inches but we have an arrangement with the Conservation Commission to open the dam earlier every 5 years to allow people to work on their walls. The Conservation Agent said that this would be all right as long as the Association writes a letter requesting permission. The membership voted to approve Ken's request. Ken asked those who plan to work on their walls to let him know.

Environmental - Bruce Gran

Bruce reported that Aquatic Control Technology had treated the lake this summer. Janet Garon had asked that they return to treat weeds inside the buoy area near her property and the Roys'. Bruce said that the clarity of the lake is outstanding - Secchi disk readings indicate 20½ feet and 22 feet clarity. Blobs of aquatic organisms known as Bryozoans have been found near docks on the lake. While unattractive, bryozoans are healthy for the water.

Fishing - Rob Scoble

Rob said that the State Fisheries stock the lake twice a year from the boat ramp. Fishing has been good this summer.

History - Joel Casaubon

Joel reported that John Puffer has not given him any new history data this summer.

Membership - Tim Gresenz

Tim introduced Jeff Buchanan who has recently moved into the house at 66 Mt. Dan Road.

Then Tim reported that at the August meeting last year 139 people had joined the Association; 125 have paid dues so far this year. Nineteen members who always join have not paid dues as yet. Tim said that he and Barbara would get the second membership mailing out within the next week or two. His committee will be undergoing some changes this coming year: Rick Predella will be taking Tim's place as chairman, Tom Clark will replace John Argitis at the north end of the lake, Ken Gajewski will cover Mt.Dan Road, Al Johnson and GinnieRoscioli will continue to be on the Committee, and Barb Gionfriddo volunteered to take care of Trail Road.

SLAC - Joel Casaubon

Each year Sturbridge allots $5000 in betterment funds, based on weed treatment costs for the Town's lakes. Big Alum is being given $1698.00 this year.

The Boating Safety course being held on September 19 is full. Another class will be held in the spring of 2016. The course is free and is reciprocal in all fifty states.

Joel noted that the Town of Sturbridge is planning to assess a "Deep Water Tax" on residents of Big Alum Lake and Leadmine Pond. This will amount to a triple tax since our residents already pay extra taxes for waterfront properties. It was suggested that we and the Leadmine residents should get a petition going and that the other Lake Associations should be encouraged to join, because they will be affected if the Town decides to charge a "shallow lake" tax. Joel will keep us informed regarding this matter.

Nominations - Tracy Murphy

Tracy read the list of nominations for the Executive Board: Joel Casaubon - President, Andrea Cropley - Vice President, Barbara LaRochelle - Secretary, Janet Garon - Treasurer, MarlieWiller - Communications Secretary. A motion was made to accept the slate of Officers, and the motion passed unanimously.

Social Events - Joel Casaubon

The three Pontoons Across the Lake events were very successful and the tradition will be continued next summer.

Seventy-five people attended the Wine Tasting party which was held at Mari Roy's home this year. Joel had a few Big Alum wine glasses left over and offered them for sale to the members at the meeting.

Old Business

The e-mail system has been changed and the glitches are being ironed out. Temporarily, Joel will be sending mail from his personal e-mail address.

A vote was taken to authorize Janet to donate $200.00 to St. Anne's for the use of their room for our two meetings.

Joel reminded the members that we would be holding a lake-lighting that evening in memory of Paul Lamarine.

It was noted that several other lake residents had passed away in 2015 as well: Ruth Faxon, Ginny Luce, Paul Delacey, Will Hicks, Frank Clark, Mae Cheney, and Joann Gawron.

Jan Metoxan asked if the slalom course could be moved from the north cove. Tubers go by the shore slowly and create large waves when they turn into the course. Matt Kibbe said that there are three wake-boarding boats on the lake and that they also have large wakes. He can move the buoys more toward the center of the lake next year.

Ken Gajewski gave the 2015 Lamarine Report. He and John Vibberts had gone around the lake and counted:
1 plane
1 electric boat
32 personal watercraft
8 deck boats
71 ski boats
44 pontoon boats
42 rafts
30 flagpoles
There are 151 lakefront properties - 90 year-round (60%) and 61 seasonal (40%).

Ginnie Roscioli said that the test results for mercury in the fish in the lake show that the fish are clear.

Barbara Hitchcock asked whether people who stay on the island are supposed to get permission. Joel noted that two people had asked if they could stay but that there had been more activity than usual this summer. The Association does not have the authority to stop people but he recommended calling the Sturbridge Police if there are issues on the island.

The meeting adjourned at 10:50 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara LaRochelle,

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