Welcome to our "Scrapbook" page, where residents may post photos of family gatherings, wildlife sightings, and other "events" that take place on the lake. We invite you to join in the fun by e-mailing pictures, with or without captions, to Barb LaRochelle at tonysgrammi@aol.com. and then visit to see what your friends and neighbors have been doing!

Fall on Big Alum - Oct. '15
submitted by Barb Gionfriddo

Sunset on the Lake - June '15
submitted by Barb Gionfriddo

Snow Waves - Jan. '15
submitted by Barb Gianfriddo

Pontoons across the Lake - Aug. '14
submitted by John Puffer

Island beauty - Oct. '13
submitted by Lisa Dalberth

Autumn view - Oct. '13
submitted by Bob Chase

Geese watching - Aug. '13
submitted by Lisa Dalberth

Majestic eagle watches over Big Alum - Aug. '12
submitted by John Vibberts

Lunch at the oriole feeder - June '12
submitted by Cathy Mauro

3 ft. water snake sunning himself on a rock - June '12
submitted by Janet Garon

Bald eagle from his perch on the island - Jan.'12
submitted by Audrey Weston and Dennis Murphy

Bald eagle fishing on the ice - Jan. '12
submitted by Ken Gajewski

Big black bear visits The Trail - Fall '11
submitted by Cathy Mauro

Great heron near the boat ramp - Fall '11
submitted by Barb LaRochelle

Bald eagle by the island - Fall '10
submitted by Tracy Murphy

Sunset on the lake - Jan. '09
submitted by Scott Sanderson

Moose visitors on The Trail - Oct. '09
submitted by Martha Warren

Party-boat Party - Summer '09
submitted by Paul Lamarine